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I grew up in the town of Rochester, Minnesota and graduated from college in 1982 with a degree in education.

 I like the fact that my desire to help others fits so well with real estate. I represent United Country because of their long-standing commitment to helping people throughout the country buy or sell their properties in a way that respects the needs of the clients. My wife, Darlene and I moved to Ouray County in 1994 with the desire to offer something special for our three daughters, Emily, Anna and Laura. Give me a call or stop in to our office and let me help you reach your Colorado dream.

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address150 Liddell Drive
Ridgway, CO 81432

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When placing a house on the market, Todd makes sure that the home is inviting when it is being shone. He will tun on lamps, flush toilets, etc.

When helping you buy a home, he keeps you in mind as he looks at listings and class you immediately to set up an… (more)


Todd is a straight shooter and works every detail of the sale process totally in the best interest of his clients and even to the extent of helping beyond the sale itself to make the moving process be less stressful…………in a very stressful time.


Todd was extremely helpful to my email inquiries about area props … extremely efficient, thinking all possibilities, showed us a home he had NOT listed. . told Todd what our budget was and if he could make it work, fine,; he was persistent in achieving… (more)

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